Welcome back to the club, we hope that your summer was enjoyable.


The club re-opened on Thurs 3rd September, half term is 26th – 30th October, however St Roses and Cuthbert Mayne have an Inset day on Monday 2nd November, so the decision has been taken to close the club on that day. The Autumn term ends on Friday 18th December. The club and all schools return for the Spring term on Tuesday 5th January. Further term dates will follow, as there may be other closures by the club in November.


The Easter raffle raised £50 and a new trampette, tennis / badminton set and two floating balls were bought for the children to enjoy when outside.

Mary has introduced a Book club for the children; they can choose a book to read with her or on their own, and may take it home if they wish. Mary does this on the first week of the month and records any books lent to a child.

Alison has asked if you could please bring in any small jars, with lids, (apple sauce, mint sauce etc) for an activity she is planning prior to Christmas.

Also, for newer parents to the club, we are required to advise you that we have a Complaints procedure and Log book plus a notice on the board above the fridge. Of course, we hope that you will not have a need to use it!

Our website domain is currently updated by a volunteer parent, but his child will be leaving the club next year and so we would like to ask if there is a parent who has the skills and can spare a small amount of time on an ad hoc basis (and infrequently, honest!!) to take over this role. If your ISP is Plusnet that would be an advantage. Please email admin@munchkids.co.uk if you are interested.



Unfortunately, we are sorry to inform you that Hayley has handed in her resignation, which the committee has regretfully accepted; Hayley’s last day will be Friday 18th September. She has decided that she needs more time with her young boys and partner. Hayley has been with us for nearly two and a half years and will be much missed by all.

On a happier note, the picnic party in July had a turnout that equalled last year but the weather was so much kinder. Another enjoyable evening with the usual diehards there at the end! The raffle raised a profit of £70, details of purchases will follow.

At the AGM in July, there was a change in Director’s, thank you to Craig (Treasurer), Linda (Co-Opted Director) and Stephanie (Minutes Secretary) for their time and commitment. And a welcome to Sue Jones (Boxmoor parent) who has taken over as Treasurer and Maria Leventis (St Roses’ parent) who has taken on the role of Minutes Secretary.

Some time ago you were notified of a constitutional change of status; the transition to a Company Limited by Guarantee is now complete.

We have also set up a new bank account and so payment of fees by cheque should now be made payable to Munchkids After School Club Ltd, with effect from Monday 21st September.



To all parents, carers and children who continue to support our club and keep us viable.